Pixelninja released Zombie Holdout has now been released.

Developed in just over a week, Zombie Holdout really demonstrates the speed of development in Unity3D – even using cutting edge interfaces and new gameplay concepts.

The concept in Zombie Holdout is simple – survive the horde! An interesting element created by the use of an NI is the addition of the physical element. No longer is survival based purely upon your reflexes and attention to detail – now the physical dimension comes to play. How long can you last before you succumb?

Obviously this is only a tech demo which would require fleshing out in nearly every direction for a full release – from art through to gameplay there is a lot of room for improvement. We figured some people might be interested in giving this a crack however – which is why we’ve made this download available.

With a longer development cycle and some attention from the art side of Pixel Ninja, Zombie Holdout could make a pretty neat Xbox Live game with plenty of room for multiplayer features and alternate game types. Right now however everyone’s focus is on getting our “Project X” prototype polished and ready for presentation. Watch this space.

This tech demo is for experimentation purposes only. You use it and follow these instructions at your own risk.

What follows is the setup instructions for Windows based machines. This demo has been tested on Windows 7 32 bit, but should run happily on 64 bit and version of windows later then XP.

So you’re going to need a Kinect or alternate PrimeSense device (this demo has only been tested with the Kinect).

Next you are going to need the following bits of middleware and drivers:

Microsoft Kinect: SensorKinect Module – download Win32 installer from Bin folder
PrimeSense NITE

On some systems you have to install the Kinect drivers last and not first as you would normally expect.

During the NITE installation, you need to enter the free license key from OpenNI: 0KOIk2JeIBYClPWVnMoRKn5cdY4=

Once you’ve got all this stuff installed it’s time to plug in your Kinect camera into the USB slot (you’ll be needing the power adapter for this).

Finally download and extract Zombie Holdout – go into the extracted folder and run ZombieHoldout.exe!

We have rated this demo as suitable for adults only. If you are under 18 we do not give you permission to download or play it. We do not authorise its distribution to minors.

So gameplay mechanics are painfully simple here.

Use the mouse to navigate the menu.
Calibrate yourself by following the on screen instructions.
Move your arms to aim, push them out to shoot zombies and powerups.
Bring your hands back to the calibration pose to reload.
If you need to rest your arms you can place them behind your head – but watch out, zombies never sleep.
Aim for the head.

Zombie Holdout Released

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