TouchTable is is Kinect powered application I am developing as part of my PhD research. It enables one to use bare hand laying on a regular office desk to control computer instead of mouse.

Following operations are possible:

  • Mouse cursor movement and hover events – by moving index finger on the surface of the office desk
  • Left mouse click – by touching the table with index finger (or by lifting the finger from a desk in reverse mode), while thumb is hidden in palm
  • Right mouse click – by touching the desk with index finger, while thumb is sticking out
  • Drag and drop – by placing index finger on the desk and dragging it across the surface

Demo applications

To get a better idea, please watch following videos:

  • Painting with finger in Microsoft Paint
  • Rotate & zoom using multitouch in Google Sketchup
  • Web browsing with fingertip in Firefox with FireGestures

Free download

Please feel free to download (Windows 32bit and 64bit only at the moment) and use this prototype for non-commercial purposes. You can also write your own plugins, it is quite simple. Information about installation procedure and about the algorithm are on the project page.

Use your desk as mouse-free multitouch interface with Kinect

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