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Attention Animators, Great News.

There is now an awesome great character animation software made specifically for the kinect camera. It lets you make mocap or motion capture animation literally on your desktop.

The brand new “iPiSoft Studio” animation software is literally plug and play, requires 0 calibration and is amazingly powerful. All you need is a kinect camera!

What you can do with this program is almost indescribable, but I will try.

Basically you can track your body movements then export the motion as a BVH, FBX or Collada File. And it also auto retargets motions onto an imported rigg. With support for all major Animation programs, including, I/O options for Daz, Poser 3D Max, Blender, Endorhin and Motion Builder and more..

I urge you to download the demo at the link provided. from

Please feel free to share this great animation information with all of your animator friends!

Thanks and Cheers

Truebones Mocap Software

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