Screen shot 2011 03 01 at 0.35.15 Super Mario Boo Drawn In Real Dpace
John Horstman shared a story. I think Super Mario in title makes any story successful, but this one worth watching and reading even if i will call it Oob Oiram Repus.

The idea behind this project was to use the Kinect to create an illusion for the viewer that items displayed on the computer screen existed in the real world. This is accomplished by drawing a virtual character on-screen in a location that the viewer can’t see in the real world – i.e., the viewer’s “blind spot.” The virtual character moves to stay in the viewer’s blind spot as the user moves around, so that the viewer can never see the real-world location of where the virtual character would be.

For the virtual character we selected the “Boo” ghost from the Super Mario Brothers video game series. In the games, the Boo sneaks up on Mario when Mario is facing away from Boo. When Mario faces Boo, Boo stops advancing on Mario and hides his face. Boo’s behavior is similar enough to our goal behavior to make him a great candidate to star in our project.

Super Mario Boo Drawn In Real Dpace

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