You are the fighter!
Prove your skill as the Kings of Fighter. Motion yourself from the controller to the controlled. By utilizing the technology of Kinect, FAAST, and Glovepie, we proudly present Street Fighter IV Motion: Kinect Edition. It’s time to move your fist to fight!

Street Fighter IV Motion: Kinect Edition will feature exclusive gesture and a binding for each and every character with all their respecting movesets (including Ultra Combo and Special move) featured in the game.
The user inputs will be natural and unique for the characters. For example, in order to use Ryu’s Ultra Combo, the user must wave both their hands in a circular motion revolving each other that form a fireball whereas the motion doesn’t work or use a different move in an other character.
Furthermore, this package will not only feature binding for each character, but also navigation gesture to move through the menus.

Street Fighter IV Motion: Kinect Edition

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