Kinect plus Web-cams plus Organic Motion Software perform precise full 3D real-time motion capture without any suits or markers

Press Release from Organic Motion

Our R&D team has developed full precise real 3D motion tracking using a Kinect sensor, our award-winning markerless motion capture software and a few webcams.

This has never been done before and has multiple implications for everyday applications, since this system can be installed in multiple locations and in the home to get precise tracking and the person’ volume and measurements, for instance:

• Virtual dressing room, installed at every store. The system will get the precise size of a person, so they will not need to try on the clothes to see how they will look on them.
• Running shoes analysis in every store.
• An at-home weight loss application that can track exactly how much the user’s body has changed, not only the weight, but the inches lost, posture, etc., throughout the program.
• At home rehab, with an application that can precisely determine the improvements in motion overtime.
• And countless other applications.

Organic Motion Kinect Integration for Realtime Markerless Motion Capture

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