The A/V club gods at NuFormer, well known for simply amazing art installations, have thrown a kinect into the mix as they bring interactivity to their project

NuFormer showing new interactive techniques combined with 3D video mapping.

After executing 3D video mapping projections onto objects and buildings worldwide, the use of interactivity is the latest addition to this technology. To add to the experience of the spectators, interactive projection applications that are combined with the 3D video mapping technique were developed. All types of branded content, logos or product placement can be incorporated in these interactive projection applications.

During the interactive projection test the spectators became the controller and interacted realtime with the building by using gesture based tracking (Kinect). People could influence the content by using an iPad, iPhone or webbased application made available for both mobile phone and computer use. For this test Facebook interactivity was used but any type of social media can be incorporated into the projection.

NuFormer Gets Kinected

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