it’s been a while since i posted something, and it’s because we’ve been busy researching and developping exciting new way of using the kinect and integrating it into bigger systems.
I think that most technologies are way better hidden to the public during the performance, and should be as much invisible as possible.

We built here a video mapping system combined with a custom arm 3d position / rotation detection software (in Processing), in order to get a *real* point-n-click feeling, not just a XY hand control. Indeed, you control what you point at with your finger, not by moving your hand to the left / right / up /down. It appears to be really easy to use and even more convenient than classic Kinect Hand Control.

Enough talking, check out the video of the installation. This is the MIPIM 2012 at Cannes.

Motion M.A.P : Model Air Pointing System by The Curious Project

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