Evoluce presented at the RTT Excite a “Minority-Report”-like software for Kinect. WIN&I 2.0 beta multi-gesture software allows to rotate images and zoom in and out. Objects on the screen can be dragged and dropped by simple hand gestures in the air. By closing the hand the user grabs an object and can move it like in the real world.

Multi-touch applications can be controlled by both hands and gestures of fingers without touching the screen surface. Precise finger tracking allows to manipulate not only objects but also icons, images and videos on the screen. This natural user interface software enables also finger- and hand-tracking of multiple users at the same time. A huge variety of applications in gaming, consumer electronics, office, education, point of sale and medical systems can be controlled by touchless gestures in an intuitive way.

Evoluce will offer soon a Multi-Gesture SDK for Kinect™/Asus Xtion Pro™/ PrimeSensor™

The SDK will support developers to create natural user applications with a controller free experience and offers

• gesture module supporting finger gestures, push, zoom, rotate, drag & drop
• tracking and gesture recognition of both hands
• visual feedback: picture/animation/video
• “multi-touch” application control, e.g. Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7
• API´s: Windows 7 multitouch, TUIO
• mouse control
• skeleton tracking based on OpenNI™

Minority Report-like Interface

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