There’s one part of the demo made it into the OpenLase distribution as a separate example: tools/trace.c. This used to be some tracing code that I used for the metaballs and fire effects (I kind of cheated there, as those are rendered as bitmaps and then traced in realtime into laser vectors). It’s a terribly naive algorithm (check the source out for details), but it worked surprisingly well for certain kinds of video, so I hacked it and tacked on more heuristics in order to attempt to make it work better. It now lives next to tools/playvid.c, which is a simple video player using libavcodec. Here’s what it looks like (improved version (mkv),original YouTube video). More complex videos are hit and miss, but some things turn out surprisingly well for such a silly algorithm.

You can also add filters between the output and the image generator. This is what I did for my Kinect + OpenCV + OpenLasedemo, which projects anything projectable by OpenLase onto a moving screen, with a dynamic perspective transform (in this case the perspective transform happens in the filter, not in the output processor). That code currently doesn’t even build with current libfreenect, but again, if someone is interested, drop me a line and I’ll make it work again and publish it…. MORE HERE!

Laser tracking projection with Kinect and OpenCV

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