This software demo video created by Robert Kooiman shows what can be done with a 3D TV and the endless possibilities Kinect sensor. The software uses OpenNI and scripts Electro VR applications using OpenGL on a GTX 470 from NVIDIA, which responds to the presence of a user to create the illusion of a virtual reality world that conforms to the compared on the basis of the real situation in the plane or the angle of the user being tracked and the display screen.

The Kinect is used to track the presence of users to make two separate images to the 3D TV for the user sees the images on the screen as an extension of reality. that the user is in turn able to see objects in different angels screen depending on the position of your head. The event is 3D, it works from a position forward or further back as you change the perspective to offer in the off-axis projection, regardless of where it is located in the room.

Too hard? Look at video!

Kinect Virtual Reality with 3D TV

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