Neuquén, Argentina, Februray 2011

We did a couple apps for the Art and Technology festival “TDI 04- Umbral”.

This is the first live test we did as Pixel Perez (dogrush + visuales manuel) using VVVV + Kinect during the festival of new trends in art, TDI, Argentina.

We made 2 applications, the first consisted of a displacement map that distorted the wall’s plane of the museum, with interactive silhouette of a person that casted shadows to accentuate the three-dimensional volume.

The control of the virtual light over the building was directed with the right hand of the subject, thus virtual light affected the shadows casted by the volumetric letters that identify the facade of the Museum of Fine Arts Neuquén “MNBA”

Finally we did an interactive app with particles generated by interpreting the three dimensional volume of the public that approached the stage for dancing. Impeccable music by Bad Boy Orange and interactivity of the dancers broke out in an instant turning the show into a fun party

The use of Kinect outdoors in summer in the south of the planet is probably the most beautiful thing that has happened to technology in recent times.

Thanks to the friends of TDI by launching such a cool festival.

Kinect Mapping and VJ for outdoor festival

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