An interesting video sent in by MrWest who is demonstrating how Google Earth can be much more fun if you throw in a 3D HDTV and visualize the software in stereo 3D mode and use a “hacked” Microsoft Kinect for the control. In the video he is running Goolgle Earth in 3D mode with the help of DDD’s TriDef drivers on an LG 3D HDTV with passive polarized glasses, but you should have no trouble doing the same with a 3D monitor and 3D Vision using the latest drivers that also support Google Earth in 3D mode. The Microsoft Kinect is being used for control of the movement with the help of a software called FAAST (Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit) which allows to map real gestures to actual controls in a game or a program (emulating a mouse movement or pressing keys on the keyboard). By using the Kintect and the FAAST software you should be able to also redefine the way you control your in-game characters as well and if you add in the stereo 3D mode then you can make things even more realistic.

What do i think? MrWest – one of the Best!

Kinect + Faast + Google Earth 3D (TriDef) + 3D TV LG Circularly Polarised

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