triMirror’s first virtual mirror experiment using Kinect for the skeletal animation, combined with triMirror’s avatar customization, real-time cloth simulation and animation, and fitting technologies. PrimeSense’s OpenNI drivers used.

Different user experiences are created:
– Clothes superimposed on the virtual mirror image, usually called augmented reality but with real cloth, realiable and helpful fitting, and accurate-dimensioned avatars
– Artificial Intelligence avatar in front of the mirror image, the avatar having the user’s measurements, style, and movements
– Green screens with any customizable, branded, or user-tailored environments

Imagine yourself walking down the street, and an Artificial Intelligence avatar in a store window senses you walking by and comes to life. She invites you to come closer and takes your accurate body shape and measurements and says “here, try on this dress for size!” As she tries on the different garments, she helps you judge which ones suit and fit you best of all. It’s a new kind of window shopping!

Kinect driven virtual mirror & virtual fitting room with real-rime cloth simulation

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