Another demo of some recent mappings hе’s come up with for the Kinect. So far it’s been the most complicated setup to learn, but it’s certainly been the funnest. It’s using 8 parameters from his hands; 6 positions, and 2 speed values. Any sample works in this, however this sample was great because of the bass in the guy’s voice, which helped him get some nice bassline-sounding modulations out of it.

This is controlled entirely live using the Kinect’s hand position data from OSCeleton through his custom Max patch. All of the sounds (except the drums) are created using a single sample of a man’s voice loaded into Reaktor’s granular synthesis ensemble Grainstates SP. He’s controlling grain size, loop start point, pitch, filter, cutoff LFO, LFO depth, reverb, panning.

Kinect Controlled Granular Scratching

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