We received a nice tip from Tony who is working on the as3openni project.

How does as3openni work?

Your Adobe Air application will run as the socket server and the AS3OpenNI binary file will execute through your Air application connecting to the Microsoft Kinect camera or other Prime Sense devices and act as a socket client broadcasting out the data from the camera to your Air application. The AS3OpenNI binary acts as a bridge between the NI device and Flash through sockets running locally on your computer. Keep in mind the AS3OpenNI binary is not limited to just Flash as long as you setup a socket server somewhere listening to the correct ports then the AS3OpenNI client will broadcast out the camera’s data to those dedicated ports.

We asked Tony why he started this project:

Tony: I started this project because I liked what potential the OpenNI/NITE frameworks had over other Kinect open frameworks and wanted to make it available for Adobe Flash/Flex and Air application because of how rapid and powerful Flash could be in creating interfaces quickly that worked well with Natural Interaction. Plus, I wanted to make sure it would be available for use on both Mac’s and PC’s.

Thanks for the tip Tony!

Kinect available for development with Adobe Air/Flex

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