Tom’s Smurthwaite tiny story:

A little experiment into using the Kinects with individuals with special needs. I’ve had enormous success using Arkaos to provide meaningful activities, generally controlled by Soundbeam via MIDI or with switches, but I really think Kinects is the future.

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What is ArKaos?

ArKaos is an application for live visual performance, conceived as a visual sampler for video loops that can be triggered from the computer, or through a hardware interface. The application is available in two versions: ArKaos VJ MIDI, conceived as a live video performance instrument, often used in conjunction with a MIDI keyboard, and ArKaos VJ DMX (a “media server software”), which can be controlled with a DMX console (DMX512 is a communication standard used for stage lighting devices).

Kinect and FAAST controlling ArKaos

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