There are lots of cool kinect hacks out there, but for this project we wanted push ourselves and see what could do design-wise and code-wise with a development time of about 6 weeks, just for the fun of it.

So from the beginning we aimed for a “full” Kinect experience, rather than just a hack. Of course we knew that in 6 weeks we wouldn´t be able to create a masterpiece, so we ended up with a pretty polished experience, even though the gameplay itself is quite simple.

Technically, kinect is tracking your body as usual, but we use that information so the player can hit incoming objects with a saucepan, as well as walk around, duck and jump. There´s a streak multiplier system and also a leaderboards table so we can keep track of the highest scores.

We´re pretty happy with the results ourselves, but next time we´ll push ourselves to try and be a bit more innovative in the gameplay department. Anyhow, we hope you like our little game.

Kaiten Master

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