I have developed a Kinect and Wiimote live looping application named Holofunk.

Here is a demonstration:

This project is open sourced at http://holofunk.codeplex.com and I am interested in any and all contributions or feedback. It is currently written in C#, using the beta Windows Kinect SDK, the open source .NET WiimoteLib, and the really excellent BASS audio library.

It was inspired by the legendary UK beatboxer Beardyman, and in fact I got a chance to demo it for him. Here is a video of that:

I have many plans for Holofunk and I am interested in brainstorming about it and similar projects. If you find this interesting, drop me a line at my blog: http://robjsoftware.org .

Holofunk – Kinect + Wiimote live-looping music maker

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