Testing the hast{ROO} installation interface.

The interface is made of lycra, and the movement of it is captured by a kinect camera controlled by Pure Data.
The title refers to many meanings, but three readings are crucial to understanding the unfolding of the poetic work:
The phonetic reading in Portuguese, so that the word trace, suggesting that the gesture on the lycra material stretched, forming a visual track, which is passed to the speakers, creating a sound journey in space, expanding the trace of the gesture viewer into the room .* installation (delay or feedback)
The division of the word hast, the German who is the declination of the second person singular of the verb haben, which means “have.” Questioning the personal gesture itself might be an element of possession (especially in this case it becomes visible in lycra mesh), and that this gesture would be appropriate for artists to co-authorship, the viewer of the work.
Division “OO”, which is in parentheses, refers to how a computer program, “Object Oriented”, approaching the structure of the facility and its possibilities to what Felix Guattari called “Algorithmic Machine” that would be a complex object that brings perceiver semiotic relationships more than just their isolated parts, suggesting the creation of closer relations questions of everyday life of the viewer.


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