Ethno Tekh is a collaboration between Brad Hammond and Chris Vik, in a motion-controlled, A/V act. Performances are totally live, using the Kinect, Ableton Live and a number of custom tools built in Unity3D and Max/MSP/M4L.

Ethno Tekh is a dubsteppy AV performance with a flow of beats and images. Now, we’ve heard all the criticisms of Kinect as musical controller – its fairly high latency and broad gestures mean it can’t quite compete with acoustic instruments or more sensitive physical controllers. But in this case, it seems the performance techniques evolved before the Kinect in a way that suits it perfectly. If you are going to make big, sweeping changes to filters, modulation, and overall musical gestures, why not do it like this? Somehow, the physical expression seems to match the music, better than exaggerating twisting a knob would.

Just be prepared to get physical and bare your arms.

Finally a real live kinect AV peformance

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