You may find this of interest. This is the video of a TedX talk that I gave back on March 3rd 2011. The entire talk is presented through 3D video gesture control. I use our GestureTek Maestro3D to allow me to control both swiping back and forth through the slides as well as direct control of the on screen cursor to click on buttons to launch and stop videos, etc.

We invented Video Gesture Control back in the late 1980’s, and then continued to invent and pioneer variations of the use of Video Gesture Control on all sorts of platforms and applications. In 2000 GestureTek invent 3D Video Gesture Control, using 3D depth cameras, and started to apply it to our clients public installations needs. Over the years we have licensed out our technology and patents to many consumer platforms, including to Sony for the PlayStation, and Microsoft for the XBOX, etc. Many people use our 3D Video Gesture Control SDK for PC apps for public installations, with the Kinect and other 3D cameras. It is not technically a hack since we actually invented the technology and the genre, but there are many cool things being done with it. More on Maestro3D at check out some of the videos on and at the bottom of the page.

Vincent John Vincent is the co-founder & creative force behind GestureTek Inc., the inventors, pioneers and world leaders for over 24 years in video gesture control computing devices. Along with Francis MacDougall they invented and patented “full body immersive virtual reality”, in the late 1980s, where the user’s image appears on screen and interacts with the surrounding animation. Vincent has been instrumental in running the company, finding new markets, and the creation applications for the technology. Thousands of systems have been used in public video games, entertainment & education environments, as well as rehabilitation. Vincent also used the technology as the world’s first VR performer; performing extensively worldwide, from 1986 onward. Technology & patents were licensed to Sony’s EyeToy & Move camera systems, and to Microsoft’s XBOX Vision & Kinect camera system. In 2000 they invented GestPoint, with 2D & 3D depth cameras, the point and control technology, the inspiration for the movie “Minority Report”. In 2001 they invented the GestureFX system that turned any surface (floors, walls, tables, windows) into interactive gesture controlled displays for entertainment & digital signage around the world. From this Illuminate System evolved, the first multi touch system for tables and vertical panels. Today’s leading edge innovations are with the 3D depth camera gesture control technology they invented in 2001.

Vincent who holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Waterloo, was honoured in 2003 with a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Canadian New Media Awards.

Entire TedX Talk Kinected

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