Jared shared with us dangerous science hack

From movie description:

Just playing around with science. Hooked up my 10′ Ruben’s Tube to a Kinect then with help from Andre Michelle and tonfall (www.andre-michelle.com ) I worked up a Kinect Hack Theremin to have a more physical way to generate sine curves. Also thank you to the openFrameworks.cc community. Always much inpiration there. Here I am serving up the depth and center of mass data to an AIR app via sockets so I can use tonfall to produce the audio. Enjoy!

From Wikipedia article about Ruben’s tube:

The Rubens’ tube, also known as the standing wave flame tube, or simply flame tube, is a physics experiment demonstrating a standing wave. It shows the relationship between sound waves and sound pressure.

Dangerous Hack: Kinect Control Theremin + Ruben’s Tube

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