frogNY Build-It have uploaded a nice game hack video. The game is mostly to stand in crazy positions and pass yourself through the wall without breaking the wall. The game would be really fun to play in a party. They have not yet released the source code yet…Check out the video…

This is their description of the hack

“In this test we got to see all of the elements come together for the first time. We tested tested the randomness of the cutouts and backgrounds and tweaked the scale of the cutouts to fit average human size. The color logic of the walls and silhouette are set to be the triad of the color of the randomized background. The pass/fail is determined by the percentage of pixels of the silhouette fit within the boundaries of the cutout. We noticed during this test that it was too easy to pass the challenges and we decided some tweaking needed to be done to the pass/fail rules and the cutouts to make more variation in difficulty.”

Crazy Human Wall Game

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