Gabe Colors took his Color Box to the (very awesome) Alchemeyez Visual Arts Congress in Hawaii last month. This video takes the prize for the best production value we have seen in these humble posts…

From Mr. Colors:

By linking aspects of color such as hue, value, and saturation to body movement, the visual perceptive system is unmasked. For example, a gradient background against a flat circle makes the circle appear as if it has depth. In the Color Box, your left arm controls the gradient curtain so that you might experience viscerally the extent to which your eyes deceive you.

The idea is that you will see more color and see it better after experiencing the four color environments in the Color Box. The installation at Alchemeyez was the first complete install using the XBox Kinect for interaction.

Color Box Team 2011:
Scott Provonsha, MIchael Ryals, Ben Holt, Gina Fong

Sensual Seduction: Matthias Oostrik
OSCeleton Tryplex: Sebastian Kox
Color Arrays: Jerry Smith, Christopher Wright, Adam Fenn
Kinect Mask: Chris Patrick
Gestures: Casey Scalf
All the Kineme community
George Toledo, Jaymie Strecker

Color Box is A Must See!

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