The technology developed at Sigma R&D can detect your fingers using a depth sensor. The individual directions of your fingers can be tracked, which allows you to use your hand as an advanced controller. For instance, a bare hand can turn into a virtual light saber.

The technology can also be used to interpret the shape of your hands using a depth sensor. For instance, sign language gestures can be translated in real time. the users can type without a keyboard, or give commands to applications such as games.

The system can determine the direction of the light saber by analyzing your hands. If the thumb is extended, the light saber is on. Otherwise, the system turns the light saber off.

The system analyzes the interactions between hands. This enables the user to switch the virtual light saber between hands.

The same technology is used by Sigma R&D to create other virtual devices, such as a virtual joystick, mouse and driving wheel. For instance, you can use your left hand as a joystick, and your right hand as a mouse, and play many different games with your bare hands.

Chalearn Gesture Challenge Winner (1st Place) at CVPR

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