BiliBot Promotion!

Now that we’ve started seeing some BiliBot’s out in the wild we want to see what you’re doing with them! We’d also like to start shipping out even more! And so…we’re offering a promotion.

Buy a BiliBot and program it to do something new and interesting. Then publish the video and source online and we’ll send you back up to $350! $250 for publishing your application to the world and another $100 for collaborating with other developers. Exact Terms and Conditions are here.
Order Now!

Here’s a run-down of the application requirements without the jargon:
• Use ROS
• Use Kinect Sensor data to drive the robot’s behavior
• Be at Least 50% your own code
• Be something that no-one else has done. You’ll get some great new technology and we want you to help us stretch it!
• Share and let others learn from the things that you’re doing!

The same for the collaboration part:
• Get the application running on someone else’s BiliBot
• Two BiliBots working together to accomplish something
• Two BiliBots interacting with one another

Buy a BiliBot and list your idea in the forum! This is a limited time offer and only BiliBots bought during it are eligible. One rebate per person per BiliBot. One collaboration bonus per developer.


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