The NYC OpenKinect Meetup Group welcomes PrimeSense’s Ohad Shvueli, VP
of Marketing & Sales for Americas, and Shlomo Zippel, Applications &
User Experience Engineer for Americas to share the past, present &
future of PrimeSense and how to build for the new wave of apps w/

Think the Kinect is magical and revolutionary? You can thank
PrimeSense , the Israeli company
Microsoft licensed the underlying hardware technology from to
revolutionize gaming. Come meet the people behind the company behind
the enabling technology of the fastest selling consumer electronic

The Kinect and Natural Interface applications have captured the
public’s imagination since the Kinect’s debut 6 months ago – now join
us in welcoming PrimeSense to share a peak into the 6 year history of
the company behind it, their vision for a future of Natural Interface
Applications with OpenNI , how to get started
with their gesture and skeletal recognition engine NITE, and answer
important questions about the path to software and hardware
commercialization with this technology through business development
with PrimeSense.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to get your questions answered
in person by representatives from PrimeSense and get the first scoop
into how the future of pervasive natural interface will play out
beyond the Kinect.

An Evening with PrimeSense -The Future of OpenNI & the Path to Commercialization

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