korostelevm has uploaded this hack video where he does 3D modelling with his hands using the Kinect. He seems to have a great degree of control over it and it seems the hack has been implemented well.. Check out the video…

Story description from Mike

Often, to get kids excited about science, you need to give them something from their own lives to which they can relate. That is the idea behind virtual Play-Doh, which was developed by students in Temple’s College of Engineering, and demonstrated for about 50 students from Philadelphia’s Thomas Sharp Elementary School.

Utilizing a wiimote, a computer, infra-red LEDs, and anaglyph imagery, the Temple students created virtual Play-Doh. This has been updated now to replace the wii remotes and a control pen with a users hands tracked with the Kinect, making the system even more intuitive to control in 3d.

3D Modeling and Manipulation

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