Paul Sanderson contacted me in February for a big project, because he wanted to use BiKinect in it. We shared a few mails and after some explanations, he was ready to create something really cool.

Actually, my soft wasn’t enough so he modified it a bit and added a complete new kinect/software systems for the visuals.
Check out the video and here’s a link to an interesting article on how this was done

Paul contacted me just after the video was released, and after seeing what he did, coming from my software, i got really motivated to get bikinect on tracks again (i had to stop the development for professional matter).
With new access to the kinect from other languages, i will port the software and make it more usable for everyone. The builder is also being reshaped and released openSource.

In the meantime, enjoy the V Motion Project !

V Motion Project and BiKinect Roadmap

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