So you bought your Kinect, found all these cool videos but your stuck at that. Well if you have Ubuntu 10.10, or similar, there is now a tutorial to at least get you started.

No matter if you want a text-based tutorial, or a video of a guy typing that code you’re in luck.

The full tutorial can be found at the link below, all the code is in plain text format so you do not need to read it off the video.

This is basic setup only, out of the box to webcam but everyone has to start somewhere; OpenCV seems to be the popular choice for any type of image processing. The tutorial covers content from installing git for downloading the source code for the drivers to compiling the code and running a test program. Sure it might not be the most advanced tutorial every seen but what I liked about is it included everything as if you started from a clean install instead of people assuming you had certain software. This tutorial comes from Florian Lier in hopes to make it to the official Wiki on github so comment if you like it or not.

Ubuntu 10.10 Tutorial

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