Around 1888, several artists gathered around Paul Gauguin with a desire to stand out of the Impressionist movement. Their movement was called the “synthetic”.

These artists do not paint over the place of observation, but in the studio, in conditions of virtual laboratory.

The aim was to recreate a mental image, by synthesizing the mental image reconstructed from memory. The technique was to mark the contours, accentuate the colors, press the line, avoid the details and remove free gasoline heightened realism.

This installation does not attempt to assimilate aesthetic painters synthetic but rather their approach and philosophy.

Amazing work of graphic animation real time, the work is a challenge of computer graphics: how to reproduce a 3D scene with basic geometric shapes (segments, points) on which the visitor can take place by the only means of his travels .

First run at Pluto Festival Belgium in November 2011 and the Lux-Valence, France in January 2012.


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