Kinect + Video Mapping = SUN

Lukasz from (watermelon you know) shared a story

Translated from Polish to English about this installation:

We have created a complex installation of the physical model of the Sun in diameter, white info screen, projector with 4000 ANSI lumens brightness, computer software copyright, and the depth of the sensor – that is, Kinecta Microsoft. The whole model displays prepared by our three-dimensional animation, as well as interact with the model – hand controls the cursor movement, which we can select an interesting area, the description appears on the board.
This is probably the first in Poland – and perhaps the world – fixed installation using video mapping and Natural User Interface.
Use of the installation is easy and intuitive, accessible to the public regardless of their dimensions – play (and teach!) may, therefore, both the younger children (kilkulatki) and older – even after the eighties.
We invite you warmly hospitable Hewelianum, and there is – necessarily – look at our Sun. While the lights from the projector – and thus reflected – not change the fact that it is the star of first magnitude.


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