Sony’s been spotted patenting a “User-Driven Three-Dimensional Interactive Gaming Environment” – technology that works like Kinect.

The patent was filed on 26th October 2011, by PlayStation Eye creator Dr Richard Marks. The patent was published on 16th February 2012.

The patent waffles on about a “depth sensing device”; “a three-dimensional camera” that uses “controlled infrared lighting” to scan an area.

“With the increased processing capabilities of today’s computer technology, new creative methods for interacting with computer systems have become available,” the background to the patent reads.
The Broken Planks of Wood picture adds nice detail here.

“There is a need for enhanced systems and methods that allow interaction in a three-dimensional environment. The methods should allow user interaction without requiring additional equipment, such as arm coverings or gloves. In addition, the method should not require overly burdensome processing ability and should have the ability to function in real-time, thus providing the user with a natural computer interaction experience.”

The patent doesn’t specifically describe a device, more what such a device could achieve.

There’s only one reference to gaming beyond the title, and one reference to PlayStation.

Sony’s PS Eye creator patents Kinect-like tech

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