I didn’t told you all about NecTouch. It was originally designed for a multi-talented juggler / artist / scientist called Adrien Mondot and another talented artist Claire Bardaine.
He needed to detect feets and hands with no controller neither on people nor on the floor. This was the perfect occasion to write an open multitouch software that fits into many differents setups.
Yesterday was the opening of the exposition in Grenoble, it’s part of an Art-Science festival that is running for 2 or 3 weeks.

Below are several videos, the first video is a first test with the multitouch floor using NecTouch.

The second video is a shoot from yesterday showing the multitouch floor “live” with the guests, and the multitouch brick wall in the same exposition (at the end of the video). You can see here some limitations when too many people are on the floor. That’s a point that will be worked hard in order to get multiple kinects work with NecTouch and reduce this kind of limitations.

NecTouch @ XYZT Exposition (“Rencontres I” in Grenoble)

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