Watch as “Kinected Conference” brings interactivity and virtuality to the video-conference room.

Lining “Lizzie” Yao and Anthony DeVincenzi at the Tangible Media division of MIT’s Media Lab continue to explore the cutting edge. They use the Kinect depth and spatial sound sensing, along with a few extra microphones, to enhance the video-conference experience. Four very useful functions are introduced including “Talking to Focus”, “Freezing Former Frames”, “Privacy Zones” and “Spacial Augmenting Reality.” Focus is always on the person speaking. Information bubbles including total talking time float over the person in focus. Parts of the conference room that need to stay hidden can be blocked out selectively. A real killer app is the augmented spatial reality. Yao and DeVincenzi place tagged blocks on the conference table and the video conference shows the exact distance between them, continually updated. Then three dimensional images of buildings are overlayed on the tagged blocks, moving as the blocks move, hinting at the real virtual conferencing possibilities with the Kinect.

Kinected Conference

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