Because of the Euro Cup, Paradox D&D, in conjunction with BHB Group, has developed an application that exploits Kinect technology. This is a game that allows the user to become a goalkeeper whose objective is to stop as many balls as possible. Then, the player receives his deserved award. Euro Cup appears in his hands.

The system recognizes the user height and uses this information to adapt the dificulty of the game to the age of the player. Among other surprises, the application takes two photographies of the user. The first one while playing as the goalkeeper and the other when showing the Euro Cup. Such photographs may be downloaded from facebook at the end of the day.

This application takes advantage of the possibilities of kinect as a Natural Interface, as well as an Augmented Reality tool. Users play with their own body, thus no markers are needed.

You are invited to try the game if you have the chance to go to the Nueva Condomina Mall (Murcia).

Eurocup 2012 Game

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