Kinetic Poetry is digital wordplay.

313RGB invite the audience to shift meaning and narrative through a gesture reactive installation. A series of random yet associated words float projected upon screen waiting for an audience to form meaning, by the arrangement of words into phrases. Like Chinese whispers phrases shift meaning and context with each gesture. A database of nouns, verbs and adjuncts are selected to invoke playfulness and mirth.

Kinetic Poetry uses Kinect technology as the axis of the work, with the audience tracked in time and space through X,Y and Z coordinates using Synaspe. The gesture and movement forms and shapes a soundscape triggering samples, delays and oscillators controlled via Abelton and the Kinect. Air becomes a musical palette for the user to manipulate with their body, tracking and mapping gestures which in-turn treats the projection screen as a huge touch based surface.

313RGB Kinetic Poetry

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